our story

Donna Pinto founded give wellness as her way of paying gratitude and wellness forward.   

In 2010, Donna received a terrifying diagnosis of DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ), also known as “stage zero breast cancer.”

At age 44 and with two young children, Donna’s life was transformed overnight. Yet, thanks to the counseling of a good friend who was a nutritionist, Donna was guided into a new way of thinking, eating and living. Despite being heavily pressured by a medical team of oncologists and surgeons, Donna refused aggressive “cancer” treatments and chose to follow a holistic approach to living a life of optimal health and wellness. 

Donna went from being frightened, confused and anxious to feeling calm, empowered and inspired. She became an avid researcher, blogger, Certified Nutritionist, health coach, and advocate for informed decision-making and pro-active wellness practices.

Through her blog DCIS 411, Donna has inspired thousands of woman world-wide to find peace and wellness following a diagnosis of DCIS.

Donna is also the Co-founder of DCIS Redefined and the Proactive Breast Health Club.