Love & Gratitude in a Bottle — The “Gifting Closet” Project

The Go-Giver | “Gifting Closet” Project

Laura Bucholtz, Founder of Perfectly Salty is inviting you to join her collective “gifting” project.

Unique hand-crafted gifts are delivered as a special way to say “thank you” or “thinking of you.”

Gifts can be customized for individuals or groups of health-care professionals, care-givers,  grocery store employees, teachers, babysitters, neighbors, seniors — or someone going through a challenging time.

How can you participate?

  1. Contribute any $ amount — in support of custom gifts safely delivered.  Venmo:   @Laura-Bucholtz
  2. Groups/businesses: Sponsor a group “gifting”
  3. Know a front line essential worker?
  4. Do you have products to contribute?
  5. Share this project & keep the circle of giving and receiving strong! Follow @perfectlysalty on Instagram,  Linked In and please like on Facebook

Please contact Laura: 619-857-1111

About  The Go-Giver | “Gifting Closet” Project 

Inspired by The Go-Giver, a story about the law of giving and receiving — and my dear MOM Lynn who passed away shortly after being diagnosed with uterine cancer.

(Live Life Like Lynne) is now our family mantra.

My three brothers and I were fortunate to be raised in a household where giving and receiving was woven into our every-day lives. Despite my mom losing her mother at age 16, her father at age 17, and then her brother soon after, my mom Lynne was the definition of grace.  Her special “Gifting Closet” in our home was always plentiful and her joy of giving was contagious.

A few years ago I packed my bags for 2 days to head to LA from San Diego to help my mom with what was described as a standard medical procedure. It was beyond shocking when we heard the words “uterine cancer.” I ended up staying with her for the next three months – and it was like a bad dream.

Right up until her last days there were rare moments where she would direct me to her infamous “Gifting Closet” to grab the perfect gifts for family and friends.

Perfectly Salty is a business I started inspired by my mom’s “gifting closet.”

Elegant bottles are decorated with many of  my mom Lynn’s charms, gems and accessories from her “gifting closet” and filled with fresh Himalayan pink rosemary salts or rose petal coconut bath salts.

We create custom appreciation gifts, table decor, event give-aways, etc.

Perfectly Salty was recently feature in a San Diego wedding magazine. With many events planned when the COVID-19 pandemic hit – everything got cancelled.

There is always a silver lining…

The Go-Giver | “Gifting Closet” Project

🙏🌸  Thank  you!  🌸🙏

Laura Bucholtz